Our Story

About Jlink

We link People to a joyful future.

We have maintained our focus on display and link technology.
Starting from the joyful experience and convenient link of consumers, we have continued to innovate in viewing experience, adaptive flexibility and rich connectivity always with the same goal: link people to a joyful future.

1)Screen time: two simple words that mean so much. In fact, studies show that screen time accounts for about 38 to 43 percent of waking hours. A recent survey shows that an average person spends almost 7 hours in front of a screen daily.

2)It is no exaggeration to say that our lives are inevitably linked to a world of more and more screens. So we stopped and thought about it, how can we make this linking joyful? With this original intention, we founded the brand: Jlink.

3)Jlink firmly believe that only the joy in the heart is the real joy. Therefore, people should not go with the flow, but should withdraw their eyes from the outside and stare at their hearts. The day when you link your own heart is the day when you are joyful. With in-depth insight into users and profound experience of life, we link people to a joyful future.

Just Link The World